Saturday, July 25, 2009

In Between

I hate the term "'tween" used in reference to those aged 8-12, or 9-13, or whatever range one means. It grates on my nerves in the same way that "play date" does.

These terms bring to mind images of Blackberry and iPhone toting supermommies syncing their Outlook calendars - jam packed with Junior's lessons, practices, meetings, and cookie sales - trying to figure out when a single moment is free so Junior can spend a few with Johnny doing kid stuff.

Not that kid stuff these days even remotely resembles what I knew as a child. But that's another post altogether.

Back to 'tween.

Short for "in between".

Not yet a teenager, but no longer a child.

In between.

Well, today my Devin had her 10th birthday party. At her request we took her and 7 companions to know, that place where kids choose, stuff and accessorize their own plush animals. This group had a great time, and it was so sweet to see them putting so much thought and effort into their selections.

Truly, a sweet, innocent kid activity.

Yet, during the party, there was my sweet, innocent kid...with a cell phone in her back pocket. Another of her birthday presents.

Kids don't need cell phones!

Teenagers don't want to go to Build-A-Bear!

Oh my goodness.

She is a 'tween.


***Now don't even get me started on the whole how-creepy-is-it-stuffing-a-flaccid-shell-of-an-animal thing. I'm there! The kids love it though.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Today I could be sitting at home in Phoenix, trying desperately to avoid any responsibilities that would necessitate my braving 105+ degree weather.

Instead, I'm enjoying quiet time somewhere cool and green and full of hills and valleys and mountains and hollows (er, hollers?).

Today, I am grateful to be in West Virginia...

I may never want to go back home. At least, not until November!