Sunday, August 23, 2009

They're Growing Up Too Fast!

I hate the fact that I can now no longer identify the owners of girls' shoes in my house based on size.

...and yes, I have now officially had the experience of grabbing a pair of flip-flops, heading out the door, and realizing - whilst marching up the aisles of the supermarket - that I am wearing my daughter's shoes.

This is so wrong.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Update Time

A while back I posted the list below. I guess it's time for an update on my progress so far...

Below are 101 things I aim to check off my life's "to-do list" in the next 2.75 years.

May 26, 2009-February 21, 2012

Items that are italicized are in progress, bold are completed.

1. Purchase a home.
2. Go on a cruise with my husband and children.
3. Take a real vacation with just my husband.
4. Spend a "girls weekend" at a fancy resort with each of my daughters individually. (0/2)
5. Learn Haitian Kreyol well enough to hold a conversation with a native speaker.
6. Learn Hopi well enough to greet, thank, and complement my husband's grandma...without making her laugh (unless what I'm saying is supposed to, you know, actually be funny)!
7. Learn to knit.
8. Make a scrapbook for each of my daughters' elementary school years.
9. Go a whole month with no soda.
10. Take my mom to a day spa for "the works".
11. Learn to make pie crust from scratch.
12. Read "War and Peace".
13. Go back to Haiti.
14. Visit Hawaii.
15. Get back in an outrigger for regular workouts.
16. Make 3 new friends. (1/3)
17. Leave a really big tip for a harried server at a restaurant.
18. Write a letter to the corporate office of a business to compliment an employee.
19. Rent a condo somewhere fun and treat my brother's family to a weekend getaway.
20. Surprise my husband with a "kid-free" evening at home...just the two of us.
21. Take my children on road trips to three places of historical significance/noted natural beauty (i.e., Mt. Rushmore, Washington, D.C., Grand Canyon) (1/3)
22. Go back to New Orleans.
23. Pay for breakfast/coffee for the person behind me at a drive through five times. (0/5)
24. Submit a photo I've taken to National Geographic.
25. Hand over a proposal, outline, and three completed chapters of "my book" to my well-connected friend (she offered...).
26. Learn to dance.
27. Swim laps three times a week for an entire summer.
28. Get back down to my fighting weight.
29. Speak only kind words for a whole day.
30. Make beignets for breakfast.
31. Learn to say "thank you" in ten different languages I don't already know. (0/10)
32. Keep my car impeccably clean for a month.
33. Enter all my tasks and appointments into my calendar for a month.
34. Learn to sync my Blackberry with Outlook and my work calendar.
35. Purge my closet and get rid of everything I don't actually wear, seriously.
36. Give away/donate my "teacher stuff".
37. Take my kids on bike rides at least twice a week for a whole season (but this IS Phoenix, so it won't be summer).
38. Get my toenails painted blue with a pedicure.

39. Add $50 to my loan fund.
40. Learn how to create my own backgrounds, headers, and buttons for blogs.
41. Teach my daughters how to cook their favorite meals.
42. Make a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry as a gift for someone.
43. Help my daughters assemble brown bag lunches for the homeless and go with them to distribute the bags.
44. Find a good translation of the Quran, read it, and decide for myself what Islam teaches.
45. Reread the Bible, novel-style, start to finish.
46. Hold a baby at a restaurant so that her mother can eat an entire meal at a relaxed pace, uninterrupted.
47. Save enough to pay cash for a minivan for my family.
48. Clear out my personal email inboxes.
49. Fly First Class.
50. Recycle something mundane by making it into something beautiful.
51. Fully fund our emergency savings.
52. Get back into a bikini (legitimately, not obliviously).
53. Take a girls' trip with an old friend.
54. Make a snap decision and be totally at peace with going on instinct, for once.
55. Learn to bake bread from scratch.
56. Acquire the tools do do home canning.
57. Find a system of managing my coupons that is organized and efficient.
58. Visit my uncle's family in Atlanta and meet all my cousins' children.
59. Visit my other uncle in Wyoming and treat his wife to something special (because Lord knows, she so deserves it).
60. Plan a weekend with my kids, my aunt-in-law (yes, I made that term up) and her son.
61. Make peace with my mother-in-law.
62. Renew my friendship with my ex-best friend in San Francisco.
63. Spend a long weekend with my godfather and get back in touch with my faith.
64. Take a capoiera class.
65. Buy a lottery ticket and give it to a stranger.
66. Go camping.
67. Dye my hair red again.
68. Decorate one room in my house in a Caribbean colonial style.
69. Completely make over one room in my house using only things we already own, that have been given to us, found, or acquired for free (Freecycle, etc.).
70. Make a summer dress for each of my daughters.
71. Arrive early for every work commitment for a month.
72. Attend a rally or fund raising event for a cause I support.
73. Write letters every month to the child we sponsor in Uganda.
74. Write a letter to one of my elected representatives.
75. Photograph my children weekly for a year (0/52)
76. Order ten things at restaurants that I wouldn't ordinarily try. (1/10) Black Bean Burger
77. Make a list of ten people who inspire me and write them a note letting them know. (0/10)
78. Spend a whole day alone.
79. Send text messages to 15 different people with random thoughts to make them smile. (2/15)
80. Go wine tasting.
81. Take my kids skiing/snowboarding.
82. Sponsor another child through Plan USA.
83. Make a blog friend an "IRL" (in real life) friend.
84. Start painting (pictures, not walls).
85. Adopt a cat.
86. Plant a kitchen herb garden.
87. Grow heirloom tomatoes.
88. Learn to make pizza dough from scratch.
89. Can a year's supply of jam, apple pie filling, and peaches.
90. Take my son for a ride on a real fire truck.
91. Pick my own fruit at a farm.
92. Write a children's book and have my kids illustrate it.
93. Learn to use Photoshop or another photo editing software.
94. Send flowers to my mom for no reason.
95. Take my sisters-in-law out for a fun day. (0/2)
96. Be able to run 3 miles.
97. Hike South Mountain.
98. Stop and photograph ten random, funny, or interesting places while traveling for work. (1/10)
99. Host a dinner party to thank our wonderful neighbors for being...wonderful neighbors!
100. Give something I love away to someone who needs it more than I do.
101. Finish this list and think of 101 new goals!