Saturday, October 17, 2009

Super Snapshot Saturday #1

Life has been in the way lately, and frankly my blog has had to take a back seat. I find myself incredibly overwhelmed by inertia...once I lose momentum it's very difficult for me to get moving again. So it goes with my blog. I'm still sitting on a half-finished post about my son's birth. It'll get done - someday.

In the mean time, Angel over at Emily Makes Three came up with a fun idea, and one that's perfect for helping me find my momentum again when it comes to blogging. The idea?

Super Snapshot Saturdays!

This week's theme - Black and White

So, after much deliberation, I submit some of my current favorite B&W shots.

I love this shot of my husband and my eldest child. This photo is four or five years old, but my husband still demonstrates the same attentiveness and love for our children that he does in this shot.

Along the river in Chilliwack, BC - July 2005
My middle child, finding pretty rocks. We spent 3 beautiful weeks on the road, driving from Southern California, through Oregon and Washington, into British Columbia and the Canadian Rockies, and finally into Alberta before turning around and heading home down the Pacific coast. We need another vacation like this!

My son, one of the most cheerful babies I know. He's two now, but this side of his personality is still very much intact. There are days (like today) where the stress of having a toddler at 40 weighs heavily on me and I wonder what the heck I'm doing, but his joy and energy are a welcome addition to our home. I love this kid!