Saturday, October 25, 2008

Just For Fun

Here's my sweet baby boy, enjoying what passes for "Fall weather" in Phoenix...temps in the high 80s-low 90s. Ugh!

I just had to post this particular photo though. I am a compulsive proofreader, so every time I put this outfit on Connor, I have to pop a Benadryl to keep the hives at bay. You'll have to have an eagle eye to spot it, but ten bucks says Jen gets it within ten nanoseconds.


Jen said...

Acckk!! "A lot" is TWO WORDS people!! I wonder if we might have a future in "clothes editing" or maybe "textiles editing"? :-) He is adorable though!

Michelle said...

Yes, the title "Fashion Editor" already exists, but actually refers to the nitwits who choose what accessories will go with the overpriced threads on the cover of Vogue. We need to redefine that title!

michelle rasor said...

You 2 are funny. Michelle, I'm sure I kill you! :) I have to say I caught quickly, as well... But even with a type-o, he's so cute!! I love it when my babies start walking!