Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Don't Get It!

  • Open-toed boots...what's the point?
  • People who can't pick their dog's mess up off my front yard...did you not SEE him squatting while you stood there? Can I give you a baggie next time? Knock on my door...please!
  • Parents who swear they want to keep their kids innocent as long as possible, then hire DJs for their daughter's 13th birthday and think it's "cute" when she and 30 of her adolescent friends all sing, er, scream along to the lyrics, "I kissed a girl and I liked it..."
  • Showing an explicit trailer for a very scary horror movie immediately in front of a feature film geared toward 'tween girls...seriously, what are they thinking?
  • Excommunicating one church member for putting together a very innocent "beefcake" calendar, but practically mandating your congregation support the books and films of another member who writes about friggin' vampires...as heroes??!!
  • Fruitcake...'nuf said!


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Yep, welcome to our lovely world, huh?! I have been meaning to do some research on the Twilight books, but haven't. They don't interest me that much I guess. I think parents fall prey to wanting their child to fit into the world more so than they want them to stay pure sometimes.

Joannah said...

Open toed boots? That's just stupid!

The parenting stuff is also stupid, but it does not surprise me at all. I had fourth graders reading that oh, so popular vampire book last year. Don't know what their mothers were thinking...

Michelle said...

You know, I read the books in order to preview them before letting my daughter check them out. I really enjoyed them! I just don't get the double standard.

Maybe the tithe off those books was too much to pass up...

Amazing how money can so easily enable the "overlooking" of core values.