Thursday, April 23, 2009

Going Back to Cali

I am looking forward to an all-too-brief visit to California this weekend. My nephew is being baptized on Saturday, and we are going! This will be the first time since we moved away that my whole family will go back to Huntington Beach. I have gone back several times with the kids, and a couple times by myself, and my husband has gone several times by himself, but never all together. That's right, in almost three years, we have never found the time to return as a family before now.

Funny, I always got such a guilt trip about the fact that, when we lived there we only made it out to Arizona for whole-family visits to my in-laws a few times a year...

...but waiting THREE YEARS to see my family is not a big deal, apparently.

Sorry, is the resentment seeping off the page searing your monitor?

I'm taking deep breaths and trying to focus on the positive. It's been too long coming, but we are going - as a family - to spend a day or so with my parents and my brother's family and his in-laws. For that, I am so grateful. I am even more excited because, for the last 16 months, my mother hasn't been in California herself. She's been in West Virginia dealing with family business. My daughters have missed their "Sugarbear" so much, and she has not even seen my son since he was three months old, so we're way overdue for some family time.

Finally, we'll all be in the same place for a precious few hours on Saturday!

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