Sunday, January 4, 2009

Has This Happened To You?

I lost something very important (no, not the 25 pounds I swore to lose a while back, darn it!). I lost a flash drive containing all the work I've done for my job over the past month, as well as the documents needed to complete said work. This means I can't even pull a couple all-nighters and recreate the work I've done, since I don't have any of the stuff I need to do so. I am in deep doo-doo!

My sweet father came to visit over the holidays, and did a wonderful job entertaining my 15 month old son. He spent quite a bit of time making sure Little Man understood and mastered the use and functionality of zippers by demonstrating on his camera bag. Little Man got it...too well. He has since kept busy unzipping purses, computer bags, and anything else containing valuable or important items. He then, raccoon-like, relocates these items. My Burt's Bees lip balm was found in the cupboard where the toaster and coffeemaker reside, and my car keys turned up under the downstairs bathroom sink, next to the panty liners and extra tubes of toothpaste.

He has not figured out how to flush the toilet (yet), so I can rule out that possibility for now. Still, the vanishing flash drive has been AWOL for more than 72 hours...not good!

AWOL flash drive has been located...thank heavens!!!

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Joannah said...

Oh, that's not good. I hope it turns up very soon.