Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I feel awful...

This cold has morphed into something evil and terrible. Facial tissue has become the enemy. Even the very softest aloe-and-lotion embedded kind feels like coarse grain sandpaper on my skin. My eyes are burning and I can't stop sneezing. I lost my voice toward the end of the day. My poor students, who absolutely HATE when I am gone, said, "Mrs. P., you should get a sub and stay home tomorrow to get some rest." I guess I look and sound that bad.

My poor husband is fighting off a different bug. He's complaining of a severe sore throat and fatigue. God, I hope we don't cross-contaminate eachother! He took all of last week off to care for the baby when he had RSV, and I have no sick days available because of my recent maternity leave. Thus, neither of us can afford to miss work this week. We slog on...

Hope your day was better than mine!

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