Saturday, February 16, 2008

Getting the Ball Rolling

The past few weeks have been busy, with sick children at home and in my classroom, as well as my first baby steps toward achieving my goal of unsticking myself. Between wiping noses, making trips to the pediatrician and ER, working full time, and taking care of "mom stuff", I have accomplished quite a few things.

  • I organized, advertised, coordinated, and executed a successful community-wide yard sale. In the process, I met quite a few people in my neighborhood and received many compliments for my efforts. Oh, and I earned over $300 while getting rid of some old stuff we didn't need anymore! It was a nice way to spend the weekend.

  • I submitted my letter of request to the school board asking for a leave of absence for next year. I was not ready to burn that bridge entirely, I guess. So, I'll give myself a year to try "something else" and see if the grass is really greener before permanently kissing my teaching career goodbye.

  • I set up my profile on a website that connects freelancers with individuals and companies looking for specific skill sets (writing, editing, web design, etc.). I even submitted several bids for writing and editing gigs. Wish me luck!

This weekend, I am fighting off a cold of my own (surprised it took this long to catch me!) and taking care of my baby boy (who is getting over RSV... ick!). My husband and daughters are up north until tomorrow evening visiting my inlaws and taking part in one of their most important cultural traditions. I am sad that the baby and I can't be there too, but part of me is a little relieved. It's always a lot of work, and very little sleep, for a daughter-in-law. If I was up there right now, with this cold coming on, I'd be very unhappy indeed. Thank goodness it's a three day weekend!

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Joannah said...

I'm so glad we can reconnect through blogging!

I think you have set some great goals and I hope you find what you're looking for on your journey.

As far as the financial thing goes, I think most of us can identify to one degree or another. I've been reading and following Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makerover, and I think his strategies work. We need to buy or build a new house, and until we eliminate our debt, we can't do that. Once I had a plan to follow, I immediately began to see results. They're baby steps, but it's working.

Life is good. Teaching is crappy this year. I don't expect it to get better in the near future either. We're looking at huge budget cuts, but God forbid anything happen to class size reduction. No, they'll just continue to stack 4/5 classes with 32+ students, take away our Practice Books, and shrink our supply budget. They want champange results on a beer budget. It makes me grumpy.

I'm putting you on my bloglines. And I'll be checking in whenever you post.