Thursday, February 28, 2008

Parent Conferences

These past 2 weeks have solidified for me all the reasons I am leaving the teaching profession. For the most part I really enjoy meeting with my students' parents, celebrating their successes and finding little sparks of "wonderfulness" in each child that I can send home with Mom or Dad. Usually, conferences are a good experience, despite being a long week with late hours and tons of talking.

Once in a blue moon, I've had to deal with unreasonable parents. It goes with the territory. This year I have the Ultimate Nightmare Parents. Just one couple, but one absolutely crazy mother and father of one sociopathic child. It makes every day a pain, and every evening a headache. I try to leave it at work, I really do.

Well, my request for a leave of absence for next year was approved by the school board. I got the confirmation letter today.

I could not be happier!

Now, of course, I have to figure out how we'll replace my income once the school year ends. I have plans...let's hope they work out!

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Joannah said...

Conferences are next week for us. I'm not looking forward to them, but they'll probably go better than I realize.

I can't wait to learn what your plans are for the coming year!