Monday, March 16, 2009

Love it, love it LOVE IT!!!

All this for $1.62...and they gave me $17.98 to spend next time! I so love my CVS.

  • Irish Spring Body Wash: $4.99-$0.50 coupon
  • Colgate Max White Toothpaste: $2.99-$0.75 coupon
  • 2 Dove Deodorants: $7.00-(2)$1.00 coupons
  • Dry Idea Deodorant:$2.99-$2.00 coupon
  • 2 Dove Hair Care products: $8.00-(2)$1.50 coupons
  • Bic Soleil razor refills: $6.99-$2.00 coupon
So, my total was $22.71 after coupons, but I also had a CVS coupon for $5 off my $30+ purchase (which this qualified for, since I gave the $5 off coupon first - before the other coupons brought down my total). Now I was at $17.71. I had $17 in Extra Bucks from previous purchases to use, so that brought my total after taxes to $1.62!

The best part is I earned an additional $17.98 in Extra Bucks to spend next time, so it's almost like they paid me $16.36 to buy this stuff.

Now I need to assemble another box of stuff to take to the Family Resource Center. I'm stockpiling so much free and almost-free stuff from CVS, we're running out of room. Time to donate again!

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Jackie said...

Great deals! And even better that you can donate it. So many people are in need right now! I'm new to this couponing and CVS game so my stock pile is just starting. Can't wait to have too much to keep and need to donate!