Sunday, March 29, 2009

Maybe They Just Don't Wash Them!

Spring is here, and Spring Cleaning is in full force at my house. This weekend has been productive, and I'm thrilled with the results. There's just one thing that's bothering me a bit. It seems that folks in the greater metropolitan area where we live do not have as much use for coin operated laundries as did people in Southern California.

Let me be clear. I know that coin laundries are often associated with neighborhoods that have a large percentage of renters, or near college campuses, or in poorer areas. The part of CA where we lived was none of the above. We lived in Orange County (and no, there was never a "THE" before "O.C."), and one could find a nice laundromat at almost any major intersection.

When trying to locate a coin laundry in our current location, these were the results we found:I don't want to get too detailed about our exact address, but suffice it to say that we live in the general area of that map where there's not a single laundromat for miles and miles. What's up with that?

Now we have our own washer and dryer. Everyday laundry is not the issue. I'm talking about something very specific...washing pillows, comforters, and heavy blankets.

Am I to assume that everyone living south of the 202 and west of I-17 has their own industrial size washer and dryer, capable of cleaning king-sized duvets and pillows? Are we the only folks in the East Valley who don't cheer at the thought of having to drive 20 minutes to wash our larger bedding items?

Here's a thought: the part of the greater Phoenix area where we live includes the cities of Mesa and Gilbert, strong LDS communities. Does the Mormon Church have communal laundry facilities for its members? I know they've got fantastic canning and preserving get-ups, but if they've got secret, members-only laundromats I may have to start talking seriously to those sweet young men who stop by on their bicycles!

Here's the other possibility..

Maybe people in Phoenix just don't wash their quilts, blanket, and pillows.

Can you say "dust mites"?


***For the record, we DID wash our blankets and pillows today. Rather, my husband did. I made him drive miles and miles to the nearest laundromat because it had to happen...we DO wash our bedding!***

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