Friday, January 15, 2010

Hypocrites, Take a Flying Leap (EXPLICIT)

For those of you who think that Pat Robertson or any of the other "Christian" idiots who spew venom about Haitian deals with the devil or other ignorant crap have a single fucking clue what they are talking about, consider the video below. Then consider the fact that the VAST majority of Haitians are IN FACT CHRISTIANS.

Also consider the fact that the whole supposed "Ceremony at Bois Caiman" in 1791 (the eve of the Haitian Revolution), in which an alleged pact with satan was made in order to gain independence from the French is disputed to have even taken place.

Consider that the idea of a bunch of African slaves throwing off their shackles and kicking Napoleon's ass scared the shit out of the slaveholding nations of the United States, France, and other European powers in the early 19th Century, and consider the blatant, brutal racism that existed at that time throughout the western world. Consider there just might have been a reason for this pack of lies to have been perpetuated by "Christian" plantation owners and slaveholders in the U.S. at that point in history, and later passed on to their children and grandchildren.

Consider that one of many reasons for the Dominican Republic's relative "success" compared to Haiti is the FACT that the U.S., France, and most of the rest of Europe effectively isolated Haiti for the first century of her independence through economic embargoes and a refusal to recognize Haiti's independence.

Consider educating yourself a little bit about the history and culture of Haiti before you swallow - hook, line and sinker - the absolute CRAP that too many "Christians" are spouting as truth.

Consider the FACT that Christianity teaches us about God's forgiveness and mercy, so that even if the ancestors of today's Haitians had attempted to win their right to liberty via a deal with the dark one, their descendants have - by and large - found Christ and accepted Him as their Savior.

And then, if you still think there's even a grain of truth in the words of Pat Robertson and his fellow dip shits, consider fucking off.


Sam said...

Amen sister! Very well said!

Bella said...

Bravo. Excellent post.