Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dare I Hope?

Today I had a second interview with an education software company for the position of trainer. Two weeks ago I met with the training director, and that interview lasted over an hour and covered a lot of ground. I felt pretty good about it, then had to sit and wait. I was relieved to get a call late last week asking me to meet with the regional manager for another interview. I am one of four candidates in the running for this position.

Today's interview went well, in my opinion. I felt prepared for all of the questions I was asked. I think my 10+ years in the field of education and my confidence working with technology make me very well qualified for this particular job. I also think it could be a good springboard to future work in the field of corporate training.

I am keeping my fingers crossed. I was told to expect an answer by early next week. It would be so nice to have some idea of the next step in front of me. The past few months have been uncomfortable for me. Painful, stressful, miserable, and uncomfortable. This is what held me back for so many years and prevented me from leaving teaching sooner, this fear of going through exactly what I've been going through. I'm praying hard that, in the end, it will have been worth it on so many levels: financial, familial, personal, emotional, spiritual, etc.

Speaking of's interesting how things sometimes have to hit me upside the head to get me back on track. I was on the phone with my godfather last week, grousing about the fact that I was so stressed and worried about my job and financial situation. He asked me, simply, if I'd been neglecting "stuff" spiritually.

I sat there stunned on the phone, with no logical way to justify the fact that I had, in fact, put all "that stuff" aside as I spent a bunch of time and energy trying to "deal with things". My sweet godfather reminded me to take a little time to just sit down and be still, and put my prayers out there. He was absolutely confident that things would work out. That's one thing I love about him; he has this total faith that is calm and unshakable.

Guess what? I finally made time to do precisely what he'd suggested last week. As soon as I did so, I mean literally that same day, things started moving again.

Go figure :-)

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Joannah said...

This sounds like a good deal! I hope you get THE call next week.