Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day #4...Smoky!

Can you think of any way to make 110 degree weather any more annoying and wearing on one's nerves?

I have an idea. Fill the skies with thick, black, throat-searing, eye-stinging smoke from a good old-fashioned brush fire. To keep it interesting, let it burn for days and days and days...

We had an oh-so-brief rainstorm last Wednesday that included some lightning. Apparently one lightning strike ignited this brush fire to the west of where we live. For over four days, we have been sucking ash from the "Ethan Fire", pictured here:

Not fun at all :-(

I really hope this fire burns out or is put out soon. We've all been waking up with crusty eyes and sore throats. It's getting old. I guess after our wet winter and drier than usual spring, it was bound to happen.

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