Sunday, June 15, 2008

Little Miss Negativity

Ok, I'm about to go into gripe mode...check out now if you're not in the mood for it (there, I gave fair warning).

Here it is, Father's Day afternoon. We had a nice morning, taking my husband out for a surprise matinee and then to lunch. I should be relishing the fact that, despite the heat, we had a pretty nice day.

Instead, I'm sitting here as my husband watches the US Open on TV, getting more and more angry and frustrated. Tiger Woods just made an amazing shot that kept him in the running for the championship. The crowd went wild. The commentators had a zillion insightful comments. My husband got all excited. I got pissed.

Why in the world do professional athletes make the kind of money they do? What in the world is soooooo important about putting a little ball in a hole (or a basket, or a goal, or an endzone...)? Here I am, struggling to find a job that will just pay the basic expenses for a family of five, and some guy with great coordination and some God-given talent makes tens of millions of dollars a year?

I am wallowing in self-pity, I know. I hate that I even went there in my mind. It's been a rough two years, and things are not turning out the way I'd hoped for my family and myself. I need to focus on constructive, positive thinking.


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Joannah said...

Some things are best not to think about.

You're right - stay focused. You will find what you're looking for. I'm praying for you.

BTW - there's still an opening at CV that hasn't been filled yet.