Monday, June 30, 2008

Day #5

Things are finally moving forward around here! I am starting my new job on Wednesday and I'm so relieved. I am glad to finally be contributing financially to our family again. I married a social worker...employment is not optional for me (at least if we want to stay off welfare and out of jail for bouncing checks).

This will be a big change from teaching. I am being given a computer, printer, Blackberry phone, and all the peripheral equipment I'll need to conduct trainings. I even received my tickets for my first business trip today. I know it'll be soooooo hard being away from my family for a few days at a time, but at the same time I'm kind of excited to finally be in the "grown-up world"!

In addition to a new job, I am making some other changes as well. I did something today I've never done before in my entire life...

I joined a gym!

I've never been a gym girl. If I'm going to exercise, I figure I might as well be outside doing something like swimming, paddling, dancing, or otherwise moving and enjoying the great outdoors. Living in Phoenix though, there's just one problem with that kind of logic. It gets really, really hot here.

And it stays hot for about 5 months of the year

In shape + active = good.

Heatstroke + dehydration = bad!

So, if I'm going to lose 25 pounds, I guess it's off to the gym I go.

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