Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day #13

Talk about right down to the wire!

It's almost midnight and I'm beat. My boss came over yesterday and set up my home office for me. Today we had a two hour remote meeting and started really getting into the information I'll be responsible for in my new position. The new technology amazes me. I was able to sit at my desk, on the phone with my boss, while he demonstrated stuff on my computer from his home. Very cool!

Also very convenient when one has three children at home.

Speaking of which, my kids made me so proud today. Baby Boy slept for most of the meeting (I intentionally scheduled it at his usual nap time), and my daughters kept themselves busy and quiet the whole time. This is a near miracle, considering I'm usually playing referee when they're at home. They were just so great, I had to treat them to a DQ run after dinner. Ok, I really wanted DQ too but still...

I am so used to being treated like a child at work, so some of the freedom and latitude I now have seems weird. I keep feeling as though I need to "OK" everything with the boss. Heaven knows, in teaching you are accountable on so many levels and to so many entities (parents, principals, district administration, state and federal mandates). It's rather intimidating to have someone just trust that I'm going to get the job done and not ask for constant, tedious documentation, assessment, and anecdotal evidence of everything I do.

What's that smell? Is that...fresh air??!! Oh my gosh, this job gives me room to breathe!

I think I'm going to like this :-)

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michelle rasor said...

Your amazing! Good luck and have fun with it! :)