Saturday, July 12, 2008

Day #17...Talk To Me!

Ok people, look down at the very bottom of my blog...see that little "sitemeter" thingy? Well, that not only tells me how many folks are stopping by, but where the hits come from, what time they visit the site, even what operating system they are running.

I'm watching you...always watching!

So here's the deal. I know you're out there...please say hello every once in a while so I don't feel like I'm talking to myself. I admit, I do talk to myself a lot. I also talk to people on the road and in parking lots when my windows are rolled up and they can't hear me. I have gotten much better in the past few years about not using the accompanying hand gestures. I just don't want to talk to myself on my blog!

So, please feel free to leave me an occasional comment. Just say hi, so I know you were here (without having to spy on you via my sitemeter). Tell me I'm crazy, point out my inconsistencies, correct my grammatical errors, whatever. Just talk to me!


michelle rasor said...

ok, i'm a ding dong... how do i tell who's visiting and when? i just thought it counted... see how computer unsavvy i am?

Michelle said...

If you have a sitemeter on your blog, once you click on it and log in, you can look on the column on the left and click on a variety of options. The "Location" option tells you city-state-country. If you click on any of the specific ones, it will then tell you duration, and even what they clicked on to get to you and to leave your site. It's quite cool!