Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day #25

I am officially one quarter of the way through this grand experiment! I have to admit I am kind of enjoying it, although the pressure to perform gets to me sometimes. Just kidding...I'm not taking myself that seriously! I am a little concerned about how I'm going to keep my word over the next few days though. I will be on a business trip, and have no idea if I will have the time or computer access to blog while I'm in Oklahoma.

On the home front, we are back to ear infection central. Yes, my nine month old son returned to daycare part time last Tuesday. By Friday, the ear infection was brewing. Not surprisingly, we were ear infection free for the entire time he was out of daycare. Think there might just be a correlation there? So now, on top of the guilt of leaving my baby while I fly three states away, there's the guilt of leaving my sick baby while I fly three states away. Why can't we just win the lottery or something???!!!

Seriously, please say a little prayer for my baby (and his sisters) while I am away.

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michelle rasor said...

they will be wonderful... and we will say a little prayer for you! :)