Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day #32

Things I learned while in Oklahoma City:

  • Oklahoma is flat...really, really flat. We had dinner at the top of the Chase building in OKC, and the 270 degree view did not contain a single mountain, hill, slope, rise, or any other sort of change in elevation. You can literally see the curve in the Earth's surface from there.

  • Oklahoma City has lots of flies. They were everywhere. Gross.
  • You can walk down the street in OKC at midnight and literally see no cars moving in any direction. That city rolls up its sidewalks early. I can't believe I was standing in the middle of an intersection in the state's largest city, with nary a moving vehicle in sight.
  • I miss humidity. Granted, I wouldn't relish living in the Deep South or a tropical rainforest in the dead of summer with no air conditioning, but after two years in the desert the extra moisture in the air was a nice change of pace. My skin and hair were loving it.

I enjoyed my trip, as much as possible considering how much I missed my family. I think 4 days is slightly beyond my limit, and was a rough start to the travel aspect of my new job. Two to three days is a bit more reasonable. I leave tomorrow morning (at 4:30 AM...ACK!) for a two day training about 180 miles from here. I'm sad to be leaving again so soon, but looking forward to a night in the mountains. Trees...cool air...the color green...can't wait!

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