Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day #28

As the new kid on the team, so to speak, I have often felt these last two days that I don't have a lot to contribute on this particular business trip. I am still learning the software we distribute, I have yet to meet so many of the various players in this industry. I'm green and I know it. Still, one likes to feel as though one has something to offer.

Tonight at dinner I finally had my chance.

I introduced my whole company to something they'd never tried before...

I can't believe I was seated with an entire group of folks who had never experienced the deep-fried country greasiness that is yummy fried okra!

I never get to eat fried okra. First, I have no clue how to make it correctly. Second, my husband can't stand it so even if I could make it right we'd never have it. Third, I know of no place in Phoenix that serves it, so I have no chance to order it for myself at a restaurant. Here in Oklahoma City there is a very good barbecue restaurant whose menu included my all-time favorite fried food.

Tonight I converted ten coworkers to the cult of fried okra...and it was gooooooood!

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Joannah said...

I LOVE okra! We prepare it Louisiana style - fried in bacon grease with real bacon bits. My Uncle Ray taught us that - SO GOOD!

Your hotel sounds fabulous. I'm a hotel girl. I love having a nice place to stay.