Thursday, July 3, 2008

Day #8

Some good things have been going on around here.

As I said, I began my new job on Wednesday. We were conducting a training for teachers in the county juvenile detention facility. What a way to start! I have so much to learn about this new position, but one thing is certain...I am now armed with loads of ammunition for those moments when my children feel I'm being too strict. What little I saw of the routine and structure and rules inside "juvie" makes me look like the world's most laid back, carefree mom. My girls have no idea!

Yesterday I opened my mail box to find the magic key. That's what my girls call the lockbox key the mail carrier leaves whenever we have a package. My mystery prize from Jen's Bloggy Giveaway arrived! I will post tomorrow with details on the contents. I'll say this for now: I thought this was going to be a box full of Jen's favorite things, but somehow I discovered a box full of my favorite stuff! How'd that happen?

Perhaps one of the biggest blessings of the past couple days is the restoration of air conditioning in our house. It's a good thing I was at work when the repair man fixed it, because I would have probably kissed him. I honestly have no idea how anyone lived in this part of the country in the days before air conditioning.

The skies just opened up and let loose with some very heavy rain. It is dumping at the moment, and I am so happy I want to run out and dance in the rain! Probably not a good idea however, since there's some major lightning with this storm and thunder booming all around us. I love the summer monsoon rains. They temporarily take the edge off the oppressive heat here in the desert. Gotta be thankful for the little stuff, right?

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