Monday, July 21, 2008

Day #26

If there is one invention on the face of the planet designed to empty a parent's pockets, it's got to be this thing:

I hate those stupid claw games! Today was my younger daughter's birthday, and her only request was for our family to go to a local arcade/entertainment complex. This is a splurge we'd normally forego, but she was the birthday girl and I was already suffering enough mommy guilt about my trip tomorrow. I gave in. And I paid...big time!

There's something so evil, so addictive, so insidious about "The Claw". It gives you this false sense of possibility, even though common sense tells you it's a huge sucker bet.

I'm hoping the claw phase is almost over. It seems to be giving way to a new addiction on the part of my children.

Dance Dance Revolution.

Don't even get me started...

1 comment:

michelle rasor said...

at least dance dance revolution is exercise! :)