Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day #21...Guilty

So sleepy! I have reached a point where my eyes are literally crossing, and I have a headache from fatigue. I am trying to do too much right now, I know.

I want to have the house perfectly organized and prepared for my upcoming business trip. I have a lot of anxiety about leaving for four days next week. I never left either of my older children overnight when they were as little as my son. I'm still nursing, for crying out loud! What kind of mother leaves her 9 month old baby and hops a plane to another state??!! I am all twisted up with guilt about this, although I know it's what I have to do at the present. I need to relax and let go...


michelle rasor said...

you do need to relax and let go... easier said than done. they will all be wonderful and when you come home you will be refreshed and you'll miss them, and that's a blessing! :)

Joannah said...

He will be okay! The days will go by fast.